Global Education Conference

The GEC Education for All Track (2014EFA) focuses on policy, advocacy and programs to ensure that all young people worldwide have equitable access to a quality education. In order to achieve the U.N. Millennium Goal of universal primary education by 2015, an additional 7 million teachers are needed and approximately 57 million children still need to be enrolled in primary school. An additional 250 million students are illiterate despite being in school and over 70 million adolescents are out of school having dropped out; having been pulled out to work; or are for other reasons no longer attending school.

Attached is my proposed conference presentation on a few options to address the need for teacher professional development, educator resources for effective teaching and learning and the role of technology in achieving the goal of education for all.

Leveraging Fun!

(Powerpoint will be posted here after the conference!)

Thank you for your interest!



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