Customer Relations Management (CRM) is a common feature of retailers, but its adoption by higher education has the potential for creating connections between students and student support services, and supporting students through a transfer, degree or certificate program.

El Paso Community College (EPCC) and the University of Texas at El Paso are using CRM to help students complete a reverse transfer program which retroactively gives 4 yr college students credit toward associate degrees began at a community college.

The registrars of both colleges use CRM data tools to exchange academic information on transfer students. As a result, EPCC has awarded over 5,000 associate of arts degrees since 2005. The student information system (SIS) provides student test scores, completion criteria, advancement information and academic performance over time. Many of the processes in the system have been automated to facilitate the reverse transfer process. If a required milestone is unmet, the system provides the student with completion options. Students can check their information and perform “what if” analysis options to see how their academic history matches other degree plans and helps students determine whether changing majors would allow them to graduate sooner.