Blog post #2

In today’s blog post I’m addressing a couple of questions regarding the recent technology journey and personal learning network assignment:

What did you learn about your personal technology journal by listening to others?

My technology journey illustration

I learned from others where I personally am in the stream of time. Hearing from others reminded me just how recent these tech items are that I use everyday and have taken for granted. Some of these include: iTunes, Wikipedia, Facebook and games too numerous to mention. The pace of change over the last 10 to 20 years has been fast. It’s one of the many reasons I wanted to enroll in the Ed.D. program and this class in particular – to get a sense of how far we’ve come and where this is all going.

Who and what is in your personal learning network (PLN)?

My personal learning network illustration

My personal network visually depicts the professional and personal mentors in a variety of fields, my work experience, my current primary information sources, state and national professional associations I belong to; the agencies that I regularly work with; and the technology that I use to stay on top of it all!