What do you know about blogging?

I don’t know very much. A former colleague of mine blogs about colleges. She highlights news stories, does book reviews, and references education-related research. I signed up as an editor of that blog with her primarily to get a sense for what and why she blogs and to try to develop my own sense and strategy about blogging. But… I haven’t … until now.

Why might blogging be important?

This is a key question. I suspect the answer is both in the blogger as well as in the blog consumer. I’ve heard it described in webinars as being one piece of an integrated social media and traditional media public relations campaign for a specific business or community organization. I’ve also speculated that it might be part of building one’s personal and professional business identity.

I’m interested in and still exploring who blogs and who are their blog consumers. Blogging is a method of communication. Our Bakersfield College president uses a blog to communicate with people about campus activities and achievements.

How can blogging be used to enhance your current leadership position?

Perhaps blogging is a way to reach outside one’s current circle of people to network and exchange ideas across a wider arena. For an industry that appears to rely on regional, state and national travelers to populate key leadership positions, blogging may be a way to introduce yourself to other geographic areas and networks of educational leaders.

Identify 2-3 educational leadership bloggers and create a link to their blogs via your blogpost.

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